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Plastic Injection Mold Design

The Master Tech Tool engineering team works closely with customers to achieve total product development from concept through validation.

Much of our reputation for high quality stems from our experienced design staff. Plastic injection molds are designed with an emphasis on efficiency and functionality up front which leads to time savings in production, longer lasting tools, and fewer modifications down the line. The foundation is set by our design team.

Master Tech is committed to providing superior part design, mold design and engineering services. Design for manufacturability and efficient production is our primary objective. Early involvement and working closely with customer engineering departments provides a smooth transition from part design to final product.

Every plastic injection mold is designed in 3D solids or 2D CAD format, providing complete digital representations for manufacturing and ensuring proper integration of all components.
Our engineering software includes:

  • Mastercam X3
  • Solid Works
  • AutoCAD

Plastic Injection Mold Design