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Prototype & Pre-Production MoldsPrototype Plastic Injection Molds and Pre-Production Plastic Injection Molds

Prototype Plastic Injection Molds are primarily utilized for either proof of concept, mechanical validation or low volume production. Prototype tools are often created from aluminum or "soft" steels and optimized for faster build speeds, though the part geometry and resin choice may dictate the best manufacturing and material options. High speed machining is utilized whenever possible, but sharp corners and fine details generally require slower processes such as sinker and wire EDM.

Prototype & Pre-Production MoldsThe major advantage of prototype plastic injection molds relate primarily to their lower cost and quick turn-around speeds. The disadvantages may include a lack of durability, limited automation possibilities, inability to hold precise details and higher part prices. While Master Tech is not a typical prototype house, our product development experience and advanced automation allow us to create prototypes and concept tooling with very quick turnarounds.